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Todd Halterman

Todd Halterman

Founder / Managing Partner

Todd spent his youth as a firefighter and paramedic and served in the US Navy during Operation Desert Storm and Desert Strike. He knew how to run into burning buildings and save people, but he didn't know how to protect his own grandmothers from financial risk when their spouses died. “I was totally stunned that the systems that should have been protecting them did nothing of the sort. I spent the next two years trying to help my grandmothers get their lives back on track.”

What Todd learned would eventually bring him into the business of protecting families – their way of life, their values and their legacies – so that what happened to his family wouldn't happen to others. Over the last two decades, Todd has built one of the largest private wealth management firms in the country. As the founding partner of Pacific Crest Planning, with more than $400 million in assets under management, he's worked to develop top-performing wealth management systems and is a nationally noted financial expert, speaker, strategic business planner and nonprofit consultant.

Todd is now getting back to his hometown roots, so to speak, focusing on teaching, coaching and counseling – including how to “disinherit the IRS” through investment strategies and help families be remembered for their values and their legacies, not just their money.